Since 1971, the UAE has been witnessing an upward growth of urban planning envisaging it one of the most advanced countries in the region. This development has enabled the public and private sectors to keep up with the founders of the country’s planned developmental phases in various fields, leading towards their 2030 vision for the Capital, Abu Dhabi.

This vision continuously motivates us, as a national organization, to project the requirements ahead of the curve and engage in various investment opportunities especially through investment in community development and facility management.

This vision allows us to look towards tomorrow with confidence, moving from one successful achievement to another with a clear path for the future.

This is how we make our mark!

Saeed Bin Omeir Bin Youssef


Success in the business world is achieved in the dexterity to deliver and maintain consistent development.

Through years of combining the perfect blend of expertise, energy and skills, “Al Barakah Holding” has been able to consistently deliver and execute the goals set for its own.

Maintaining this combination paves the way for future successes. We look towards the future with confidence in accomplishing more monumental achievements.

This has always been our belief!

Fouad Mashal